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CCR Management Inc. is our new property management as of January 1, 2020.

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The purpose of the rules is to complement the covenants and restrictions in the Declaration and to be consistent with the intent of the Declaration to preserve, maintain and enhance the integrity of the Association, value of property and architectural harmony of the buildings and site design of the community.

Please keep this copy of the rules with your other Association documents. Please take some time to review and understand the rules. If you have questions, please contact the Management Company. If you have tenants in your unit, please pass a copy of these rules along to them. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that their tenants understand and abide by these rules.


Window air conditioner or fans that protrude past the window screen are not permitted.


No outside clotheslines or clothes drying apparatus shall be permitted.


Fireworks and firecrackers are strictly prohibited anywhere on the property as well as hunting, archery, etc.


Requests must be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors for approval to install any deck/patio. The standards for decks/patios are that they can only be as wide as the house and no further out than the existing deck/patio (10-feet). The cement patios must stay cement and wood decks must stay as decks. Existing decks may be replaced with a composite wood material, such as Trex, and patios may be replaced with pavers, such as EP Henry (pavers must be a neutral/gray shade). Railings around decks and patios must be 36-inches in height and must conform to township codes if any.


No alterations to the exterior of the building, or any of their elements, are permitted without approval of the Board of Directors of the Homeowners Association (Architectural Request Form). For homeowners requesting approval to extend a wooden deck, a permit from the East Norriton Township building is also required. Please call East Norriton Township for permit information.

Items such as bicycles, toys, baby carriages, wagons, and any other personal property are not to be stored in front of the dwelling unit, the rear yard, or in the open space areas. Such items are permitted to be stored on the rear deck or patio only.


Fences are not permitted (see Declaration of Covenants). The use of a patio privacy fence is permitted but only upon written approval by the Association's Board of Directors.

Privacy fences may be installed along either side of your property line to extend no further than your patio or deck. In most instances, this would limit the side yard privacy fences to a length of 8-feet to 10-feet. The approved style is "shadow box". The fence may be replaced with a composite material such as Trex or white PVC, the style Melbourne, the post with a traditional cap. Currently available at Eagleville Fence Company, located at 3120 Ridge Pike, Eagleville, PA 19403. No other fences are allowed, except for along the "rear property line only" of those homes whose rear yards face Germantown Pike or New Stanbridge Street. The rear fencing would then only apply to units 157-162 Pine Court, units 163-167 Pine Court and units 101-106 Teakwood Court.

Rear privacy fences along Germantown Pike and New Stanbridge Street may only be installed if all townhouse owners uniformly agree to a total installation behind all the units affected within each court.

All privacy fencing will be installed and maintained by the homeowner. The Association will not accept any responsibility for the installation or maintenance of the privacy fencing.


Each unit occupant and their guests shall be responsible for keeping the common areas free from litter. Private property bordering the common areas shall be respected. PERSONS USING ANY PORTION OF THE COMMON AREAS, INCLUDING SIDEWALKS AND PARKING LOTS, SHALL REFRAIN FROM LOUD AND BOISTEROUS ACTIVITY.

No business, trade, noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on in any lot or in any unit, nor shall anything be done thereon which may be or become an annoyance to other residents. Any outside noises shall be kept at a volume which will not disturb other residents.


Planting of shrubbery and flowering plants within your own property lines is permitted as long as they will not exceed 3-feet in height at maturity. Planting of arborvitae trees may be used in place of a privacy fence. All planting of trees is subject to the review and approval of the Board of Directors of the Association. Planting by individual homeowners on the common areas is prohibited.

Each homeowner is responsible for maintenance of their shrubbery bed areas (i.e. must keep free of weeds and debris). The front areas are for "decorative purposes" only (not vegetable gardens). Vegetable gardens are only permitted in the rear of properties within 9-feet x 9-feet of the original patio dimensions.


No permanent swimming pools are permitted. Jacuzzi’s and hot tubs are permitted on patios only.

Small wading pools must be emptied the day of use. Sandboxes must have covers and be on patios or decks only.

No outside structure (e.g. doghouse, storage shed, swing-set, playhouse, etc., is permitted.

One (1) birdfeeder per unit is permitted in rear yards only. They should be freestanding and placed on the owner’s property beyond the deck/patio area.

  • PAINT COLORS / Trim / Roofing




  Brand Type Color
CertainTeed Monogram

Praire Sand
(Scallops: Natural Clay)

House & Window Trim Benjamin Moore:
Semi-Gloss Paint Storm Plate White
Window Trim Capped Aluminum or Azek Trimboard Rustic White

Front Door
(one solid color)

Benjamin Moore:
Williamsburg Collection
Choose from 144 colors
Decks/Fences Clear Water Sealer   Clear Wood Finish or Comparable Product
*Shingles CertainTeed  

NEW as of Sept 2015:
"Landmark Designer Series"
color BURNT SIENNA (all units)
(Prior to Sept 2015 = Cedar Brown, except for Units 143-149 was Oakwood)

  Brand Type Color
Siding NEW 2013 (Discontinued) Certainteed
Wolverine T3
(Provincial Siding)
Natural Clay
House & Window Trim

Benjamin Moore

Storm Plate
Semi-Gloss Paint

Window Trim Capped Aluminum or Azek Trimboard White

Front Door
(one solid color)

Benjamin Moore:
Williamsburg Collection
Choose from 144 colors
Decks/Fences Clear Water Sealer Clear Wood Finish or Comparable Product
*Shingles CertainTeed  

NEW as of Sept 2015:"Landmark Designer Series" color BURNT SIENNA
(Prior to Sept 2015 =Cedar Brown)

* For more information about the new & improved shingle selection visit the Certainteed website. Below are highlights of the warranty for Landmark™. See CertainTeed's Asphalt Shingle Products Limited Warranty document for specific warranty details regarding this product.

According to the mfr. the new shingle provides the following features:

  • Lifetime, limited transferable warranty
  • 10-year SureStart™ warranty (100% replacement and labor costs due to manufacturing defects)
  • 10-year StreakFighter™ warranty against streaking and discoloration caused by airborne algae
  • 15-year, 110 mph wind-resistance warranty
  • Wind warranty upgrade is available for Landmark up to 130 mph.

paint colors Benjamin Moore Williamsburg Paint Collection


Each unit shall have one (1) reserved space for its exclusive use. An additional space may be used on a first come, first serve basis. Additional vehicles may be parked in Cedar Court spots closest to Stanbridge Street (the spots that face Stanbridge Street and are not marked “Reserved”). No homeowner may maintain more than two (2) vehicles on the site. The Board of Directors determines primary space assignments.

No unit owner shall park any vehicle larger than the size of a standard van or paneled truck on the common elements except as necessary for delivery purposes. No boats, recreational vehicles, trailers, commercial vehicles, or vehicles of class 3 or above are permitted. Commercial writing on vehicles is strictly prohibited.

Vehicles may not be driven in the open spaces/common areas. Vehicles must be parked in the parking lots and may not be parked on grass areas.

Inoperable vehicles, expired inspection or unregistered vehicles are not permitted on any property.

No repairs to vehicles are permitted on any property (including property owned by the Association). Draining of fluids is prohibited. Vehicles cannot be in disrepair or positioned on blocks, lifts or jacks overnight.

  • PETS

East Norriton has a "Leash Law". Pets must be on a leash when they are outside the pet owner's premises. No pet can be left loose outside the owners' premises. No pet is to be confined outside unattended if it disturbs the peace. It is the owner's responsibility to clean up after their pet on all Briarwood grounds, common areas and private areas.


All lease agreements between owner and tenant shall be in writing and must be for a period of at least one (1) year.

No lease should be for less than the entire unit, and no transient tenants may be accommodated in any unit. The maximum number of individuals who shall be entitled to lease any unit or occupy any leased unit shall not be greater than the maximum permitted by any applicable ordinance or regulation.

All lease agreements shall provide that the terms thereof shall be subject in all respect to the governing documents of the Association, including the Declaration, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations. Each owner is required to provide a copy of the Briarwood Homeowners Association Declaration, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations to all tenants. Any failure by the tenant to comply with the terms of these documents shall constitute default of the lease.

A copy of the lease must be forwarded to the Management Company, including the name and phone number of the tenant (Tenant Registration Form). Failure to do so shall constitute default of the lease.


May be either metal or wood, but in either case must be white, brown or painted to match the exact color of the front door. No other color is acceptable. Doors must be "full-view glass" type.


No sign of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on any unit except a one-family name sign (see Covenant restrictions for advertising unit for sale or rent).

No sign of any kind shall be displayed on the common grounds except for open house signs which may not be displayed more than 24-hours prior to the open house (as per Township regulations), or one temporary "For Sale" sign (not more than 2-feet x 3-feet). No illuminated signs. Any other exceptions must be submitted in writing for approval by the Board of Directors.

Seasonal decorations are permitted to be displayed but must be removed three (3) weeks following the holiday.


Must be colonial design with a white post. No other color is acceptable. Please submit an Architectural Request with location.


Not permitted at any time.


Each homeowner is responsible for removal of ice and snow from the entrance walk from the door of the dwelling to the edge of the sidewalk.


The primary and preferred location for the installation of a satellite dish is on the ground and as close as possible to your foundation. This can be accomplished in the front, rear or side of the townhouse. Placement in a foundation planting bed next to the building is recommended and will help keep the unit from being damaged by the landscape service.

Satellite dishes must match the color of the home structure (beige or gray) if placed at or near the ground.

The secondary location (only in the event the primary location cannot be obtained) for the installation of a satellite dish for end townhomes is on the gable end of the building at the peak on the siding just under the shingle line.

The optional location (only in the event the primary and secondary locations cannot be obtained) for the installation of a satellite dish is on the main roof of the townhouse. Placement as close as possible to the chimney or mounted on the roof surface least visible from the street is preferred.

Satellite dishes, if mounted on the roof, should match the roof color if possible.

All wires should be concealed and secured to prevent any safety hazard.

Satellite dishes must be for the personal use of the owner of the residence (cannot be shared).

Only one (1) satellite dish permitted per residence.

Satellite dishes must be one (1) meter or less in diameter.

Should you have extenuating circumstances regarding placement of a satellite dish, please feel free to write to the Architectural Review Committee at the address below.

A reminder to all homeowners that all exterior changes, including landscaping or building, require prior approval of the Architectural Review Committee. All requests for changes must be submitted to the Association in writing for review and consideration (see Architectural Request Form).


Garbage, rubbish and recycling materials shall not be dumped or allowed to remain on the properties. Owners and occupants are prohibited from placing trash and recycling bins at the curb prior to the evening before collection. All trash must be placed in either a plastic bag or trash can. If trashcans are used, they must be stored behind the unit using a secured lid. Plastic bags are not permitted for outside storage of trash. Containers must be removed from street front within twelve (12) hours following collections.

You are allowed one large item pickup per residence per month for free
(furniture, mattress, appliance) .

You must call ahead and place notification to American Environmental Consultants at

Please call ahead for your (1) large item pick-up, any additional large trash pick-up expenses incurred for large items will be the movers responsibility.

Need a RECYCLE bin?
Bins are available at the East Norriton Township building up the street (or contact American Environmental Consultants).

See below for items NOT to be placed in recycle bins.

Trash AND Recycing pick-up day is Thursday morning.
If a pick-up day falls on a major holiday (New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, or Christmas then pick-up will be on the following day, Friday.

Trash Collection: New vendor as of 2019 January

American Environmental Consultants
TEL:  267-433-2212

Large item pick-up: need to call ahead. 1 large item per household no charge (Sofas, appliances, furniture, etc.)

Note: These Rules and Regulations may be modified, added to or repealed by the Board of Directors in accordance with the Declaration of Covenants. Any violation of the Rules and Regulations are subject to the fines set forth in the enforcement and fining system procedures approved by the Board of Directors.



Complaints concerning violations of the Rules and Regulations or any provision of the Association’s documents, by an Owner or tenant, must be submitted, in writing, to the Executive Board or Management Company, and signed by the unit owner or tenant. The complaint must be in sufficient detail to determine whether a violation has occurred.


When possible, a representative of a committee, a member of the Executive Board, or the Management Company, shall investigate the complaint to determine whether there is reasonable cause to believe that a violation has occurred.


If a violation exists, the Association will send a written notice describing the violation to the owner and/or tenant and instruct them to correct within seven (7) days. If the violation is not corrected within the timeframe provided or if a second complaint is received, a second written notice will be sent. This notice will also provide a provision for a hearing, if requested by the owner or tenant, and indicate the fine or other penalties which the Executive Board assessed.


Owners and tenants have the right to a hearing which could either be conducted by a Committee appointed by the Executive Board or by the Board. If a hearing is requested, notice shall be provided by the Association as to the date, time and place of the hearing. The purpose of the hearing is to allow the owner/tenant to explain their action and attempt to resolve the problem.

If a Committee conducts a hearing, the owner or tenant may appeal the Committee’s decision to the Executive Board. Any decision made by the Executive Board is final. The resident will be notified of the Board or Committee decision, in writing, within ten (10) days of the hearing.


If an owner or tenant does not comply with the initial notice, the Executive Board may impose fines and/or penalties. The penalties could include loss of Association privileges or an assessment of a fine. Depending upon the seriousness of the violation, the fine assessed could be enacted for each incident or a charge assessed each day the violation remains uncorrected. The Executive Board has full authority in establishing the amount of fine assessed and loss of privilege penalties. The amount assessed is due upon receipt of the notice.


In the event that an owner or tenant does not comply with the violation notice and/or does not pay the amount assessed by the Association, the Executive Board may take legal action against the owner for collection of the fines and compliance with the Association’s documents.

Any expense associated with the legal action and the collection of fines assessed, including court costs, attorney fees, etc., which may be incurred by the Association, shall be added to the complaint and becomes the responsibility of the owner to pay. If a judgment awarded by the Court remains unpaid, the Executive Board may place a lien for the amount of the judgment plus costs, against the owner’s property.

NOTE: The Association’s documents include, but are not limited to, the Declaration, By-Laws, Code of Regulations, Architectural Guidelines, Rules & Regulations, and any Resolution or Amendment adopted by the Board or Membership.


The Executive Board for Briarwood at Timberlake Homeowners Association has adopted the following “Fining System”.

Any person(s) reported violating the Declaration, By-Laws or any Rules and Regulations established for Briarwood at Timberlake will be subject to the following Fining Procedure:

  1. The Executive Board or Managing Agent will notify the unit Owner(s) of the violation or violations in writing.

Unit Owner(s) will be given seven (7) calendar days to correct or abate the situation, unless otherwise noted (copy to tenant if applicable).

  1. If the violation is not corrected with said seven (7) calendar days, the Executive Board will impose the following fines:


This will be sent in writing to the unit Owner(s).

  1. If the fine is not paid within ten (10) days, the amount will be repeated every ten (10) days until settled.
  1. A unit Owner charged with a violation of the Declaration, By-Laws or Rules and Regulations of the Briarwood at Timberlake Homeowners Association shall have the right to request a hearing by the Executive Board by submitting such a request in writing to the Board or Managing Agent within ten (10) days of the date of notice of violation.
  1. The Association reserves the right to amend the above fines at any time, without notice. Such amendments shall immediately become binding upon all unit owners and occupants.
  1. First violation of the parking plan will result in a written warning. A second offense will result in a $50 fine.

Last revised Feb. 2013





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